Crowns and Bridges
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dental crowns

While damaging a tooth or losing one entirely can be a very troubling situation, the experts at Buffalo Creek Dental are ready to help patients overcome this problem and improve their oral health.

Whenever a patient receives a crown or a bridge, they will need to make a minimum of two visits to our practice. Since these are custom-made restorations, we have to take impressions of the patient’s teeth and then build it in a dental laboratory. The patient will then return for a second visit to have the restoration applied. We build our crowns and bridges from porcelain which is known for its natural look and great performance.


A dental crown is applied over a severely damaged or weakened tooth or at the site of a lost tooth. This will restore function and appearance. If the crown is restoring a damaged tooth, it will “cap” the existing structure. This will typically require prepping the damaged tooth beforehand. Using a crown in this fashion will prevent further fractures and breakages while also providing a natural appearance. 

If the crown is replacing a lost tooth, then the crown itself will serve as the new tooth. In that case, the crown would need to be supported by using a dental implant that has been surgically placed in the jaw. We may also apply a dental crown to serve as support for a dental bridge.


Dental bridges are typically used when a patient is missing multiple teeth in a row. This type of restoration consists of multiple parts. The center of a bridge consists of one or more replacement teeth that “bridge” the gap. At each end of the bridge is a supporting crown placed on a healthy tooth. A bridge may also receive support from one or more dental implants. Each component of the dental bridge will be custom-made to provide a natural appearance and superb functionality.

Restore your lost or damaged teeth with a top-quality dental crown or bridge from Buffalo Creek Dental. Our team is ready to help you regain the smile that completes your look. Please call us at 405-353-1333  to schedule an appointment.

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