Pediatric Dentistry
in Mustang

pediatric dentistry

The sooner a child gets started making regular dental visits, the more likely they are to maintain proper oral health into their adult years. We recommend that parents start bringing in their child for dental checkups as soon as their first teeth begin emerging or by their first birthday.

When providing pediatric appointments, we strive to make the process convenient for the parent and fun for the kids. Our family scheduling options make it easy for the entire family to arrange for a visit at the same time. Our staff is always very friendly and prepared to work with children of all ages. While your child waits to be seen, they will be able to stay occupied in our children’s play area. Once they are in for their visit, they will surely enjoy our flat-screen TVs that feature Netflix. If your child feels nervous or scared at any time, we can offer blankets and pillows for comfort.

We offer the following pediatric dentistry services:

  • Sealants: Dental sealants are a preventive treatment that involves applying a plastic coating over the teeth. This layer will establish an effective barrier for the teeth against plaque and bacteria.
  • Fluoride Applications: Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that has proven benefits for teeth. The substance has been shown to be effective for reversing the early effects of tooth decay and for strengthening tooth enamel.
  • Fillings: Dental fillings are used to treat cavities and other forms of minor tooth decay. Fillings are very easy to provide, and they are designed to add to the strength of teeth.
  • Emergency Dentistry: Unexpected oral injuries and problems can occur at any time. Our experts will always do their best to accommodate children and teens on short notice.
  • Crowns: A dental crown is provided when a tooth has become lost or damaged. Our practice offers top-quality porcelain crowns that feature a remarkably natural appearance.

Get your child on the right track for excellent oral health by bringing them in for a visit to Buffalo Creek Dental and receiving pediatric dentistry services. Our team looks forward to providing your child or teen with professional and friendly service. Please call us at 405-353-1333 to schedule an appointment.

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