Tooth-Colored Fillings in Mustang

tooth-colored fillings

At Buffalo Creek Dental, we use tooth-colored fillings that are designed to restore the strength, function and appearance to damaged teeth. A filling works by sealing off the gaps and voids that occur with cavities and other types of decay. These voids can be used by food particles to access the interior structures of teeth and cause harm. Additionally, these voids will become larger if a filling is not provided quickly. For those reasons, it is very important that a patient receives a filling as quickly as possible when damage occurs.

At Buffalo Creek Dental, we are proud to say that we use the highest quality materials possible. Our practice offers options for composite fillings and amalgam fillings. We are happy to help a patient determine the best type of dental filling for their situation.

Providing a dental filling is a relatively simple process that can be completed in just one visit. We start by cleaning out the damaged and decayed tooth and removing any tartar, plaque and existing filling material. Next, the filling substance will be carefully applied, thereby sealing off any voids or gaps. We will then allow the substance to harden so that the tooth achieves the desired level of strength and consistency. To finish, we shape and polish the tooth so that it attains a more natural-looking appearance.

Overall, tooth-colored fillings can be extremely effective in restoring teeth with minor damage or decay. Teeth with more extensive damage will usually require some other type of treatment in order to provide the proper repairs. We can examine the injured tooth and determine whether or not a filling is suitable for treatment.

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