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Dental Implants Mustang

Overall, dental implants are considered the gold standard for treating tooth loss. This is due to the fact that implants offer exceptional support for replacement teeth, and they provide the same functions as natural tooth roots.

Dental implants are built from surgical-grade titanium. This material is very highly regarded due to its ability to fuse with the patient’s jawbone preventing the bone deterioration that is associated with tooth loss. Dental implants can be used to effectively support crowns, bridges and even complete sets of dentures.

Buffalo Creek Dental offers options for endosteal, All-on-4 and Teeth-in-a-Day implants.

Endosteal Implants

Endosteal implants are the most popular type of dental implants used today. Their great versatility allows them to be used for crowns, bridges and dentures. This type of implant is comprised of a simple screw-like structure that is inserted into the jawbone. This initial structure secures an abutment that supports the prosthetic teeth.

All-on-4 Implants

All-on-4 implants are used when an entire arch of lost teeth needs to be replaced. In this case, the patient will receive four strategically placed implants that will support an entire row of new teeth. The implants will keep the teeth steady and secure, and by installing just four implants, we can reduce the patient’s recovery time.

Teeth-In-A-Day Implants

Teeth-in-a-day implants feature an ultra-fast recovery time that allows a patient to have teeth applied immediately following their installation procedure. Traditionally, a patient would have to wait for a recovery period to pass before this would be possible. But with Teeth-in-a-Day, we can provide a temporary restoration to hold the patient over until a permanent set of new teeth are ready.

Receive a new tooth or set of teeth with dental implants from Buffalo Creek Dental. We are ready to help you restore the look of your smile and the well-being of your oral health. Please call us at 405-353-1333 to schedule an appointment.

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