Regular Checkups
in Mustang

regular dental checkups

Regular dental checkups at Buffalo Creek Dental include a full examination, a professional cleaning, an oral cancer screening and when necessary, digital X-rays.

Full Examination

By providing a full examination of the patient’s teeth, we can create a personalized plan that will allow them to take any necessary steps toward improving their dental health. This examination consists of our experts checking the patient’s teeth, gums and other oral tissues.

Professional Cleaning

The professional cleaning is what most patients picture when they imagine a regular dental checkup. We use dental tools to carefully remove any tartar and plaque. We make sure to use a gentle touch during this process in order to minimize any patient discomfort. Next, our hygienist will cleanse and polish the teeth so that any surface stains can be eliminated. This process will help prevent tooth decay and allow the patient to experience fresh breath for many months to follow.


Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer can arise at any time. That is why we take the time to provide an oral cancer screening during every regular dental checkup giving us the best chance of catching the disease in its earliest stages. During this screening, our experts examine the patient’s face, tongue, throat, gums and other soft oral tissues for any signs or symptoms of oral cancer.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are taken of the patient’s teeth and oral structures to provide us with a detailed look at what is hidden beneath the surface. Using digital radiography devices is often the only way to detect problems and issues that are invisible to the naked eye. We also use an intraoral camera for high-quality images.

Take the first step towards improving your oral health by visiting Buffalo Creek Dental for a regular dental checkup. Our team looks forward to providing you with outstanding service and treatment for all your oral care needs. Please call us at 405-353-1333 to schedule an appointment.

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