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Dentures Implants

Even with advances in dental medicine, it is inevitable that some people will still suffer from tooth loss. Dentures are an effective treatment option for helping patients overcome this serious oral health condition. 

When tooth loss occurs, we consider it vital to provide the patient with a top-quality restoration that will allow them to chew and smile normally. The best way to accomplish this is often through the use of natural-looking materials.

A set of dentures is comprised of prosthetic teeth that are secured to a gum-colored base. Today, dentures are more effective than ever. They are also virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, thereby allowing the user to smile with confidence. The team at Buffalo Creek Dental takes great pride in providing the best possible options for patients so that they can have the easiest experience in overcoming tooth loss and restoring their dental health.

Our practice offers options for fixed-, stabilized- and traditional prosthetics.

Fixed Dentures

Fixed prosthetics remain permanently secured through the use of dental implants. The implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone which helps keep the dentures steady and secure at all times. These implants will serve the same purpose as natural tooth roots and help to prevent the bone deterioration that is associated with tooth loss. The only way to remove fixed plates once they have been installed is through your dentist.

There are a few different types of fixed denture options. Discussion with Dr. Barnes and the team at Buffalo Creek Dental will help you decide what options are available to you based on your specific needs. 

Denture stabilization

Stabilization involves using permanent dental implants to provide support. By doing this, the patient will experience the performance and consistency of dental implants, while also being able to remove their new teeth for easy cleaning. Typically, two implants will be placed on the lower arch and possibly four implants on the upper arch to stabilize the dentures with snap on dentures. These afford the patient dentures that stay with implants but are also much more cost effective that traditional fixed dentures. 

Traditional Dentures

Traditional prosthetics are removable and do not require any sort of oral surgery. They do not use dental implants to remain in place. Instead, they rely on principles of suction to remain secure when in use. They grip tightly around the dental arch and any remaining jawbone so that they are held in place when the user is talking or chewing food.

 The main benefit of using traditional plates is that the patient will not have to undergo any recovery period following their installation. However, most people will not fully enjoy their lowers due to float. We define float as the movement of the lower prosthetic due to tongue and frenum movement along with inadequate suction due to anatomical deficiencies. Therefore, we recommend the gold standard of dentures with implants, which is two implants on the lower arch to accompany the denture.

The Gold Standard

The gold standard with dentures is to use, at the minimum, two lower implants to support the lower prosthetic. Without using implants, the lower denture will typically want to float. By utilizing implants, we are able to remove most movement out of the denture so that patients can enjoy a much better quality of life. 

Overcome your tooth loss with dentures from Buffalo Creek Dental. We will help you determine the best type of dentures for your needs so that you can get back to enjoying life. Please call us at 405-353-1333 to schedule an appointment.


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